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In this world today practically most of us have mobile phones where we can send a steady stream of text messages at the simple touch of a few buttons to anyone we desire. Whether it's to inform your great aunt Betty, who's as blind as Stevie Wonder and can hear about as well as Beethoven at a Metallica concert, that you'll be picking her up that afternoon so that she can collect her pet Budgie Alfie from the vet or to let your boyfriend know that you saw him fondling a cheap piece of ass at a party the night before and that your relationship with him is now about as dead as a graveyard in the middle of the Australian Outback. Texting has become an important part of modern life.


The only issue here is that most phones have a built in "Auto Correct Function" which completely by it's own accord corrects the spelling, wording and grammar of your outgoing text message to what it perceives to be a more satisfactory standard of English. This in turn sometimes changes your message so drastically that instead of you writing how you were intending to go down to your local orphanage to deliver Girl Scout cookies you end up appearing like a vicious, bloodthirsty, psychotic killer hell-bent on going on a murderous rampage that would make Ted Bundy look like Tinker Bell. 


Below is a collection of poor souls who have suffered at the hands of this "Auto Correct Curse" for your own amusement. Some of these are utterly hilarious and I do hope you will enjoy this feast of buffoonery!

An awkward beginning.....

Hannibal Lecter's first date

All hail the poop!

A red blooded woman

Poor Grandma

Hamster Man!

Wishful thinking?

My adopted brother

Too much information dad.....

The Freak

What race is my wife again?

Miss Moneypenny

A rather strange way to relax

My dad is barking mad!

Harsh dude.....

Ramming time

Well there goes that relationship.....

Asians for sale

The Jolly Green Giant gets a little too horny!

Dad please.....

The truth hurts : (

The sex pest

Another sex pest.....

Have some decorum woman!!!

And finally, what not to give your wife.....
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