The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! If someone were to ask me what question do I get asked more than any other on Twitter then the answer would be a remarkably simple one: HOW DO I GET MORE FOLLOWERS??? So, without further ado, I will present to you in this article a very basic and easy to follow step by step guide which will help you to build your Twitter following to whatever target you personally deem satisfactory. I am going to help you create your very own following/unfollowing system that will eventually see your account reach 1k, 1ok, 25k, 50k, 100k+ real Twitter followers and will have thousands of people from all over the world viewing your content every single day. However, I must stress something vitally important here, this isn't going to happen overnight. Depending on your original goal this could take over a year to accomplish or be completed in under a month. It's about how big you would like your account to become.....


I have personally used this very same system for the last couple of years and I can tell you that it most definately works! I have 20 different accounts on Twitter which collectively have over 500,000 real followers at the time of this writing. My largest account right now is The Golden Legion @RealTGL which has over 150,000 followers. I also have another Twitter page with over 100,000 followers and that is my main business account Golden Legion Promotions @GL_Promotions which achieves 50-100+ Retweets on every Tweet it posts. Speaking of Retweets, under this very same system I was able to gain my all-time record of 1,082 Retweets for a single Tweet.


So if your hungry enough yet to become a highly influential social media mogul who has the potential at the end of their long itchy finger tips to earn enough money that would make even Donald Trump raise an eyebrow, beneath what is now the most famous and badly hidden toupee in recorded history, then you're in exactly the right place. What you will need though is the discipline of the East German Olympic Team, preferably without the drugs of course, and the patience of a saint. If you possess these qualities then let begin in helping you on your journey to Twitter stardom!


































First you will need to strip butt naked and smother your entire body in Peanut Butter from head to toe. Don't be a tight bastard here, really work it into those hard to reach areas until you resemble some sought of mud person. IMPORTANT: This will only work if you sing "Short Shorts" by The Royal Teens at the top of your lungs whilst hopping repeatably on one leg. Pay no attention to any odd stares you might receive from your fellow family members. They are just jealous they can't be you. After completing these steps to the utmost detail proceed to leave your home and hop on down to your local park (simply walking here is a big no-no as it will break the magical spell you have just created). You will need to bark like a crazed dog and ideally froth at the mouth whilst travelling there. Make sure it is an extremely busy day at the park! We want the whole world to witness your brilliance. Once there, find the nearest trash can, drop to your hands and knees, and begin worshipping it with all your might. You must utter the verse "oh hallowed trash can! oh hallowed trash can! Standing there in all your glory. Grant me 100,000 Twitter followers thou esteemed one!" Once this has been said your Twitter account will be credited with 100,000 followers thus making you an internet celebrity with millions of dollars pouring into your life like quicksand. Congratulations!!! The slight drawback here is that you might be sending/receiving Tweets to and from Kim Kardashian herself from within the confines of your nearest mental institution. Still, as they say, "life isn't perfect."




Just kidding : )

































Seriously though.....




Step 1:


Join a social media management site




The very first thing you need to do is join a social media management site so that you can create an effective database for your account. From here you will be able to control who your account follows and track who doesn't follow you back. More in-depth features are usually included where users can view a highly detailed statistical analysis of their Twitter page. You can view the growth of your following base over a customisable period of time and work out roughly where it will be at any given time in the future. There are reports on what the most trending hashtags are so that you can increase the visibility of your Tweets. The ability to find accounts that are either fake or inactive who happen to be following you has been added so that you can keep a steady stream of activity going without your page ever going stale. If you're feeling a little nosy then you can also check the relationship of two completely different Twitter users. There's a plethora of other features to explore at your leisure too but for now let's select one of these sites which best suits your needs. Here are two of the best social media management sites:

































 is my personal favourite offering all of the previously mentioned features in this article for a social media management site at some of the lowest prices around on the internet. You can start off on a free plan where you can follow 50 new people a day and unfollow 100 of them little rascals who aren't following you back. Then, for only $6.90 per month, you can follow up to 1,000 new people a day and unfollow a whopping 100,000 Tweeps for one single Twitter handle. However, if you have multiple Twitter accounts like me then you can follow/unfollow the same amount per day for a mammoth twenty different Twitter accounts for a very reasonable $49.99 per month. I would thoroughly recommend this site to anyone wishing to take their social media presence to the next level.

































 offers more or less exactly the same features as but is a slightly more expensive option with prices ranging from a rock bottom $9.99 to a relatively hefty $199.99 per calendar month. One thing it does have over it's competitor though is the ability to add over 50 different Twitter accounts to the site's database as opposed to only having the ability to add a maximum of only 20 different Twitter accounts to the database on This toppled with the fact that an extra 2 million people use it over it's rival, ultimately leading to your account gaining even more exposure on Twitter, may just tip the balance for you in Crowdfire's favour. I must warn my readers though that trying to unsubscribe from one of their monthly payment plans was an extremely laborious process leading me to eventually think that perhaps this company isn't as straightforward with the customer as it should be. In saying that though, if you're prepared to take that risk, has the capability to make your account literally explode with new followers!




Step 2:


Be completely Ruthless




So you have signed your account up to one of these sites, whether it was listed in the previous step or a completely different site you found on the internet, with a whole Tsunami of information engulfing your computer screen as you ponder what your very first port of call will be. Hit the button "Not Following Back" from the main menu which will show all of the people who you are following but have miserably failed to witness your pure genius in action and are very foolishly not following you back. It doesn't matter if they happen to be your favourite celebrity or friends you have known since the Triassic period, you have to be completely ruthless here and unfollow them all. To coin a Twitter analogy, "Off With Their Heads!"

































Step 3:


Don't be fussy




Your next mission, should you choose to accept it Mr Cruise, will be to navigate to the main menu again but this time hit the button "Copy Followers" which is a feature on the social media management sites previously mentioned in step 1. Enter the username of an account with a large amount of followers that shares roughly the same content on Twitter as you do. For instance, if you are a massive Rihanna fan then you might want to type in her official Twitter page @rihanna before pressing the search button. The page will then display all of Rihanna's latest followers who are all very active. Don't be fussy! Follow the first three hundred of them (fifty on a free plan) and then stop. If you are on a paid plan then you will have the very useful option of "Display Previously Followed Users" which I recommend you leave unticked so that you don't end up following people in the future who you know won't follow you back. Please note that the username @rihanna was just used as an example here and that you can use any username you desire providing it meets the requirements outlined earlier. If you are still unsure of what username to copy followers from then I recommend using one which has followers that generally follow back. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.....






























Step 4:


Wash, Rinse and Repeat




Daring to sound like a cheesy L'Oreal shampoo advert here your next task will be to wait at least 24 hours and to then repeat steps 3 and 4, in that order, all over again. It is vitally important before doing this though to follow back all of the new Tweeps you have gained throughout the past day so that you don't lose any new friends. At this point you will note that there has been a significant increase in the amount of people following you which will bring a swarm of excitement into your cautiously awaiting heart. The simple trick here is to repeat this technique each and every day after the last one until you have reached your target. It really is that simple! 



























Because you're worth it.....




Step 5:


Let's not go crazy here!




Ok smarty-pants! So you've worked out that following more than three hundred people a day will result in your Twitter account gaining even more followers in a much faster space of time. The reason why I say stop at three hundred is because you will avoid the chance of your account being suspended for "Aggressive Following Behaviour".  However, if you would like to take a huge risk by increasing that number, which could lead to the Twitter police wanting to bang down your front door and send yo' ass to the internet pokey where it will receive lots of unwanted intrusion, then accepts no responsibility for your actions. I would encourage my readers to stay patient though whilst maintaining a safe approach to building their respective Twitter pages. 































Heeeeeeerrrrre's Johnny!!!




Step 6:


Never underestimate the value of Follow Trains




The purpose of a Follow Train on Twitter is to have many people gaining new followers from a single Tweet instantly to pad up their own respective account's following base thus making them seem more popular than they actually are at a first glance of their page. The idea is to Retweet one of these Tweets and to follow everyone else who does the same thing. They will in turn return the compliment and follow you back because they too share the same goal as you which is trying to gain as many followers as possible. All you have to do from here is follow back any new people that follow your account and everyone's a happy bunny!




An example of a Follow Train on Twitter:













I would Retweet 2-3 of these per day and follow the necessary steps to give your account that extra little boost. Make sure that the total number of people you follow in these Follow Trains does not pass the fifty mark within twenty four hours though if you are planning to run this alongside the following/unfollowing system mentioned in the previous steps. Again, accepts no responsibility if you choose to follow more than this! Big Follow Train accounts include: @GB_FollowBack / @Peaches_HQ / @M_G_W_V

































Thank You Kindly for reading and the very best of luck!