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My good friend on Twitter @Marc1TT recently sent me some fabulous artwork which promotes what I do on there. The images really stand out in a futuristic sense and truly encapsulate one's imagination.


I think it's fair to say this is a rather ballsy effort from Marc. Excuse the pun there! What I like about this picture is the mixture of colours used which creates the feel of a modern nightclub.


Instead of balls this time Marc has used squares and included a dash of purple. The dark blue bubbles emanating around the title give this image a feel of being submerged under water.


Light green is always a risky colour to use but has been implemented well here to produce a nature themed panorama.


The hustle and bustle of the city dominates the background here putting you right in the line of oncoming traffic. YIKES!!! Let's just hope we haven't picked the only blind taxi driver in town as the subtle overtones of the main logo begin to emerge into view.

Nothing brings people together like a multi-national theme which has been emphasised to the extreme in this case. This piece also has a scratched finish that gives it a rather fashionable edge.
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