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Every self respecting red-blooded young man has wanted enormous bulging muscles at some point during their lives whether it's either to stamp cosmetic superiority over friends or to attract the attention from an admiring female. This has become particularly important in this day and age where the alpha male image has become universally accepted. We have watched footballer Cristiano Ronaldo reveal his impeccable six-pack many a time along with a beauty regime that includes facials, waxing, manicures and the occasional splash of make-up. Liam Hemsworth has posed on the beaches of Australia with a Surf Board in toe looking every inch an Adonis with a perfectly chiselled body that defies the laws of physics. Let's not forget the World's most high profile male model David Gandy who's piercing blue eyes and washboard stomach rub extra salt into an already growing wound of male ego suffered by us the average Joe.


So what better place to start than working out, where we can begin to mould and shape ourselves into the Herculean type figure we crave. Dedication is the name of the game here as you have to make some serious sacrifices to accomplish a truly noticeable physical gain of any kind. A healthy diet which is high in Protein and low on fat has to be strictly adhered to on a weekly basis. Then there is the hard painful slog down at the Gym most days of the week. In order to do all this we need motivation and perhaps a role model......


Below is a countdown of the five greatest bodybuilders of all time. Each of these men are highly dedicated professionals who have toned every muscle in their body to absolute perfection. They serve as a reminder to what the human body is capable of achieving at it's most extreme levels of conditioning.

5. Lou Ferrigno

Let's be honest here, there are far more decorated bodybuilders who could be on this list instead of Lou Ferrigno. Current and four time Mr Olympia Phil Heath looks set to dominate for years to come and two time Mr Olympia Franco Columbu, who was so strong that he could lift a car's back tyres completely off the ground back in his native Sicily, both stake a very good claim indeed to be on this list. Another factor to consider here is that Ferrigno never won a single Mr Olympia title in a career spanning decades. So the question I hear you ask is why put Ferrigno on this list at all? Well, the answer is very simple, pure unadulterated brute size. At 6' 5" Ferrigno was one of the tallest professional bodybuilders ever and he backed this up with 315 lbs of nothing but rippling muscle. This is particularly impressive when you consider that the average professional bodybuilder is 5' 8" tall and weighs around 240 lbs. Ferrigno would dwarf his fellow competitors on a regular basis and draw sighs of amazement from a stunned audience due to his giant like frame. Bodybuilding is about getting big and no one did big quite like The Incredible Hulk.

4. Lee Haney

There is no professional bodybuilder in history who has won Mr Olympia (the world's most prestigious bodybuilding competition) more times than Lee Haney who jointly holds the record with eight consecutive titles. Imagine putting that down on your CV! Born again Christian Haney dominated the bodybuilding world throughout the 1980's and in some people's opinion is the greatest muscle man ever. However, due to a lack of serious competition back in his prime, he was never really pushed all the way.

3. Dorian Yates

The man who finally dethroned Lee Haney and became the unstoppable force in professional bodybuilding throughout much of the 1990's. Dorian Yates was nicknamed "The Shadow" due to his ability to remain out of the public eye long before the start of major championships then unexpectedly appear and end up winning. His determination was legendary which was backed up by a gritty resolve when faced with the numerous injuries he suffered during his career. He amassed six Mr Olympia titles in total over the years whilst conquering various other smaller international events from all four corners of the globe. This man is a true warrior indeed.  

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

It's not hard to forget the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger first made his name through bodybuilding where he revolutionised the sport and took it to new heights back in the 1970's. He had everything, the body of a Greek God, the height of a Roman Soldier, the good looks of a Matinee Idol, the charm of a Lavish Gentleman's Club, but perhaps his most prominent quality of all was a tremendous natural Charisma. This ended up guiding the powerhouse from Austria into the glamorous world of acting after notching together a hugely impressive seven Mr Olympia titles. He became, unsurprisingly, one of the biggest names in Hollywood where he still stars in multi-million dollar blockbusters to this very day. Just when we thought the dust had settled on an illustrious career Arnie then decided upon another job change where "The Terminator" quickly became "The Governator". In 2003 he became Governor of California soon after entering the world of politics and promised to bring real change to a state with it's fair share of problems. One thing is for certain though, whatever avenue Schwarzenegger has taken in life, whatever endeaver he has set his mind to, whatever dream he has relentlessly chased, he has utterly dominated!

1. Ronnie Coleman

Meet Ronnie Coleman, the other man apart from Lee Haney to win eight consecutive Mr Olympia titles and the most highly decorated bodybuilder on this list with 29 career titles overall. I have personally never seen a more freakish exhibition of raw muscle than that of the big Policeman from Texas. For me, his legs stand out the most as they burst out from his titanic anatomy like a pair of General Sherman tree trunks. This man is a Beast, pure and simple, and has the professional record to rival that of any muscle man that has ever graced this earth.
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