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ABOUT opened for business in early 2015 as a way to reach out to my followers more on Twitter. As time passed, I began to expand the site by adding informative articles to it which received mostly positive reviews from my readers. One of my stand out trademarks is the ample use of humour in my work which helps prevent it from going staler than French cheese. I also preserve the notion of realism here handing out a "Rock Bottom" to anything I perceive to have more excrement in it than a sewage plant in the middle of laxative season.



One of my heroes is the great Roger Moore who played 007 himself James Bond about 3 1/2 million years ago before some bloke named Moses parted the Red Sea. In my opinion, no one has played the world's most famous secret service agent with as much panache and charisma as king Roger who ploughed through desirable women more than Hugh Hefner would on a full box of Viagra. In honour of this stallion of a man I have themed this site and my social networks with a real feel of James Bond. Hence my slogan: Shaken, not stirred. Facebook, YouTube & MI6.....



I always like to give my poor victims, or impartial readers depending on which way you tend to look at it, interesting new content to digest whilst they traverse the deepest pits of the cauldron of despair known as HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! (Lung bursting evil laugh ensues) 


Just kidding! I almost felt the urge to say in a rather creepy voice "there's no way out now" for some strange reason. Seriously though, I like to pride myself on giving my audience top quality entertainment to sink their teeth into.



Here at everyone is welcome and I am always interested to here your individual opinions on the subjects that this

site raises. The beauty of humankind is that we are all completely different yet ultimately the same in many ways which creates a diversified harbour of interest as the occasional familiar ship drifts into view from over the horizon. So let's all be chums.....



At one point on Twitter I had over 1 million real followers where I helped people build their own accounts into success stories. I have extensive experience in online marketing across a wide variety of social networks and have assisted many online business's to promote their product to many thousands of potential customers.




In November 2015 I started my YouTube channel which is called GoldenTop10s. This showcases top 10 countdowns on a range of highly relevant topics which keeps my subscribers highly informed in today's ever changing world. New videos are uploaded every week to ensure that things stay active and that my viewers keep returning on a regular basis.




Unfortunately, YouTube has a rather unattractive little friend that comes with it called Google+ which has made things so awkward that it can be compared to the sex life of Elton John. Sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass!




I also like to try my hand at gaming on the Playstation 4 where I enjoy participating in Fifa 16, Black Ops 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5. On GTA 5 I rule the streets with an iron fist with my Mexican desperado Julio Alonso who bares more than a passing resemblance to actor Antonio Banderas. One wrong look from an annoying noob fresh out of troll school and they're as dead as disco amigo. It's just the way I roll mofo.....




So on behalf of everybody here at we sincerely hope you will enjoy your visit here!
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